How to top Google search results to get more traffic

If you are facing problem in ranking your business website on Google search, then you should follow the below steps to optimize your site and start ranking as soon as possible. It is indeed much more useful to have a ranking on first page rather than on a later page.According to the latest data from Chitika, domains on the first page enjoy 95 percent of user’s attention, while those slipping down to Page 2 attract only 5 percent of search traffic.

I wish we had a magic button to press, which will rank your site in the top spot without any effort!

But the truth is, it takes inventiveness, dedication, diligence, and creativity to rise to the top of search engine results page (SERP)

Google algorithms are constantly changing, and hence you need to device the below strategies for best results:

  • Write long-form keywords

Longer blog/ webpage contents (1500+ words) have direct relation with high rankings. Create in-depth blogs that cover minute details of your subject, particularly which is relevant to your target audience. Several studies have shown that blogs with 1100+ words on the page rank in the top 10 pages of Google.

  • Produce quality content regularly

Quality content is directly proportional to increased website traffic and topping the search rankings. You target audience rely on search engines to find the products and services they need. Due to busy schedule, your target customers completely rely on your web contents, and hence we need to provide precise and up to the point information. They don’t have time to scroll down the search result pages, and hence if your blog/ website doesn’t have strong search ranking position for the services you offer, then you are losing out on potential customers. Better search ranking means you attract more traffic on your blog/ website, which gives you good amount of leads for selling your products/ services.

  • Generate informative backlinks

Now it’s time to energize your SEO strategy with some quality inbound links.  When other reliable websites link back to your website as an appropriate and useful resource, then that links are known as inbound links. Such references via Inbound links from vendor sites, partner sites, supplier sites and any other respectable industry sites can enhance the importance of your blog/ website on search engines.

  • Write a Blog

Having a relevant blog and regularly updating useful and unique information will give you better chance of attracting search traffic, instead of having just a basic business website.  It is very important to find out different topics in which your prospects and customers are interested in, and accordingly create long-form content that provides solution to these issues. If possible, always keep your blog on your business website’s root domain (e.g. rather than on a separate domain altogether.

  • Content marketing is key to search rankings.

Creating and distributing high-quality content via your blog, social media and email list is the key to achieving and sustaining high rankings, building trust with your prospects and ultimately, for increasing sales.  You should produce and promote well-researched, unique content that readers as well as search engines will love to differentiate.

To conclude we’ve seen that the paid results claim the first half of the page, but if you want to rank higher in search engines for free, you need to rely on SEO.

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I am very happy to find & read your blog. thanks for sharing these points, very useful for me. Thanks again for the insight

Anushka Singh

That’s Great Post and idea for make money online….
Thanks for sharing with us!!! please keep here some updates on daily basis

Regard !!
Anushka Singh